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A far cry from the industry and metropolis of our tour so far, Nunchritz looks more like a place your van would break down than anywhere you should be playing a show. Tucked deep within the dark recesses of the German forest, a glue factory is one of the few symbols of that would link this town to a city like Nurnberg. The people at the club were really nice. Upon arriving, we were drugged and our limp bodies dragged into a dungeon where we slept until it was time for us to play. I dreamt of morbid battles with werewolves and taking flight in the endless dark maze of trees about the region. Upon waking I discovered that our chamber also served as a kindergarten and that the east wing of the dungeon boasted a Mexican Disco Bar. At 3:00 am we played our set as the drugs wore off. We went back to sleep. In the morning we showed off our mini-mag lights to the other bands in the Mexican Disco Bar where the specialty for breakfast was buns and cheese. If there were umlautes on Remi's French Keyboard this would have been a very different story.

Peace, -Greg

(Quelle: Juno-Homepage)

We arrived at the show to find we were in the middle of a housing estate in what seemed like the old east Germany even though it probably isn't. We were to play in what could be described as a corridor with a stage at one end, but if anyone had any reservations they kept them to themselves, even though we all knew that this show was a last minute affair and had only been booked a few days previously. As it turns out the show that night was really good and people were totally into it. We shaved off Brain's mohawk as the Langhorns played with Trigger Happy dancing naked in the middle of the stage.(the biggest cheer of the night) Later there was a big party where lots of stuff seemed to find its way onto the bus, i.e oversized inflatable beer bottles and a life size cardboard cut out of a Mexican Bandit !?! In the morning Jonas the Tour manager returned all the stuff from the club that we had "borrowed" and we headed on to Gottingen.

(Quelle: Bad Taste-Homepage)
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