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Irgendwann so Vormittag bis Mittag schafften alle aufzustehen, außer Thomas, der schlief noch bis 15Uhr. Wir saßen stundenlang beim Frühstück und quatschen noch. Auch tischfußballmäßig gingen wir wieder in Aktion, dabei kam ich drauf, dass ich nüchtern viel besser spiele als besoffen, aber Anja und ich verloren denoch meistens. Irgendwann um 16.00 Uhr quetschen wir uns ins Suffrakete-Auto und auf gings, nach Nünchritz. Nach einer relativ ereignislosen Autofahrt waren wir um 18.30 dort und wir waren begeistert, was für ein geiler Laden da mitten in Sachsen zu finden war.

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The next day we had a short drive to Kombi in Nünchritz where we played on our first tour in 1999. Once again, we were impressed at the amount of fans. After three encores, they literally walked backstage and personally begged us to come out and play some more. So of course we did.


after breakfast, we were seen off by ellen, konrad and ines (keep-the-faith), who were awfully nice to us, packing us drinks and fruit for the trip to nünchritz, which isn´t exactly around the corner, but near dresden. it was noon by the time we got going and it felt as if the drive was going to take forever, but we arrived at around six pm at the "kombi". we´d been billed at the last minute, so noone really knew we were playing the area tonight. also lined up were hannovers sometree, a local band called face about face and juno from the u.s., none of which were really communicative, everyone seemed tired noone really expected a lot of audience, since karate played leipzig not far from here. we hit the stage first tonight, which is ok, i´m just glad to play anywhere, but i didn´t feel too good about being filled in and not mentioned on fliers.
nevertheless, as in schorndorf, we could make out familiar faces in the "crowd", which is becoming a routine, when playing east. martin met up with someone he´d been having e-mail-contact over the past months in the wake of a festival we had played in riesa.
highlight of the night was elmer of "hometown caravan records" showing up; he´ll be with us for the rest of the tour, selling records and our merchandise. i like to refer to him as "the manager"...
another bonus was the great vegan food, another aspect i´m getting used to when playing east. our performance was ok, we had a lot of fun and that´s what´s really important, i guess. after the last band, we spent the rest of the night partying to the greatest hits of the past fourty years.

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