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Eloquent was start in 1997 and play in actually Line Up since 1999. The music has change from Punk-Hardcore to a strong Rock`n`Roll-Mixture between OLD and NEW SCHOOl Hardcore. The lyrics are about Racism, Human rights, social and personality problems, D.I.Y....

In the end of 1999 had we record a tape at the Eastcore-studio in Nünchritz. In the time of 5 month was the first edition from 100 Demotapes sold out. Eloquent had in the last 2 1/2 years much concerts e.g. with THE 4 SIVITS, OI POLLOI, GANGRENA GASSOSA and CZD and a tour with COMPACT JUSTICE and the italian band KAFKA.

In end of january singer Dave left the band and the band had canceled the south-european tour. In spring the band starts again with two frontvocals. One of them is also singin in the punkband cheap stuff.



Frank - Vocals

Körmet - Vocals

Maik - Guitar

Biene - Drums

Madelaine - Bass



Maik Hönicke

Klötzerstrasse 11

01587 Riesa